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Take it to the MAT!

Chronic neck pain and depressed victims  finding significant relief  in, not so, obvious places-YOGA!

In addition to relieving that achy pestering neck, how about letting yoga spring clean your mind?

That’s right, yoga may make you not-so-crazy as well.


A recent study in the Journal of Pain found that Yoga may be an effective treatment for chronic neck pain.

A clinical trial found positive effects on psychological well-being and quality of life.

Researchers evaluated the effectiveness of yoga in chronic neck pain in a randomized clinical trial.

77 patients with chronic neck pain who scored greater than 44mm on a 100mm visual analogue scale were given a 9 week Yoga program with weekly 90 min classes  or to a self care exercise program.

The secondary outcomes included quality of life, psychological outcomes, pain at motion and functional disability.

At week 10, the yoga patients reported significant relief in pain while resting from 44.3 to 13.4.  And their pain while in motion dropped from 53.4 to 22.4.

According to Dr.Eleanor Criswell, a licensed Psychotherapist who has taught courses in the Psychology of Yoga at California Sonoma State University since 1969, “Yoga is incredible in terms of stress management.  It brings a person back to homeostasis (or equilibrium).  For people who have anxiety of many kinds, yoga helps lower their basic psychological arousal level.”

She further says “for the general person, yoga greatly enhances mental health: mood, sense of self, motivation, sense of inner direction and purpose, as well as physical health-and physical health is so important for mental health.”


To further these studies, Dr. David Shapiro, a professor in the department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of California, Los Angelos, has overseen several similar studies.  Dr Shapiro’s research has produced results repeatedly showing that the practice of yoga yields negative emotions dropping while positive emotions rise.  And yoga students dealing with more severe depression saw a greater increase in positive moods than the other students.

If you are suffering from chronic neck pain, anxiety or depression, seek out a medical professional immediately.

But remember to inquire if Yoga might be an element to be incorporated into your medical treatment plan.

Time to Detox!

So the holidays are over and you’re feeling like most Americans right now: bloated, tired, stressed, depressed and heavier.  Being even slightly overweight compounded with the added stress of the “New Year,” and lack of sleep, may increase injuries.

An article in the New York Times  sights disability claims linked to depression, respiratory problems and injuries surging after the holidays.

A new study of disability claims shows that disabling illnesses and accidents peak after the winter holidays, making it the riskiest time of the year for workers in the United States.

Hartford insurance Co. studied over one million short term disability claims filed from 2004-2008, finding two out three claims were related to illness, 22% for pregnancy, and 11% as a result of an accident.  Short term disability claims dropped to their lowest in November and December but surged in January and February linked to depression, respiratory illnesses and general injuries.

Such surges of disability claims is no surprise given the dreary, cold and dark winter days which have historically been linked to depression, higher risk of cold, flu, and slipping and falling accidents.

People are happiest around their friends and family during the holidays but, for many, everything changes when the party ends.


5 healthy ways to Post-Holiday Detox

Rather than going on a crash diet or going to the gym as your new occupation without changing the way you feel, try these 5 simple steps to post holiday detox in a healthy way!

1. Lose the sugar and salt!  It might be a bit challenging-or not, but you won’t believe:

A) How much of these you consume and, presumably consumed over the holidays.

B) How much they contribute to how lowsy you feel.

C) How much weight you will shed immediately after restricting them.

D) How great you’ll feel afterwards!

Restrict salt and sugar for at least 3 days to jump start, then slowly introduce back in  moderation.

2.  Load up on Veggies.  Eat 7-12 fruit and veggies every day.  You won’t believe how full you’ll feel.  Detox is all about getting the bad out and the good in.

3.  Make Water Your New BFF!  We know, if  you’re not used to drinking water, it can be challenging.  Don’t give up!  The more you drink water, the more you’ll want to drink it. Drink at least 64 ounces/day.  Water flushes toxins and eliminates wastes.  Next thing you know, your friends will accuse you of having a drinking problem..that is a healthy drinking problem.

4.  Exercise.  Yes, kiss the sci-fi dream good bye, you can’t be healthy if you don’t move!  Ease into it, exercising a little more each time.  Mix up your workout to shock your metabolism.  Don’t do the same thing every time.

5.  Ignore your scale.  Pay attention to how you feel and how your clothes are fitting rather than the dreaded scale numbers.  Remember muscle weighs more than fat anyway AND burns more calories!

And just when you thought the tempting holiday associated food was behind you…watch out for Valentine’s day!…

Stay tuned for more ways to “armor” yourself  from illness and injuries.

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